How To Set Up SSL on WordPress Blog (Step by Step Complete Guide)

In October 2015, I took 100% sitewide HTTPS/SSL. The site runs on WordPress, and while there were a couple quality WordPress SSL tutorials out there, there wasn’t a complete start to finish guide. So this is how to set up HTTPS / SSL for WordPress based on my experience as a marketer & non-server admin.

I’m  a huge fan of Cloudflare and I’ve written a past article on making your site crazy fast with Cloudflare. In this article I’m going to explain how to use their Flexible SSL service to make your site secure (https). First I’ll preface this by saying Cloudflare currently only offers SSL on their paid plans, but they have announced they plan to make it free for everyone to use soon.

So the first thing you’ll currently need is a Cloudflare Pro account. It’s $20 a month for one domain and $5 per additional domain. On the Pro plan you also get a Web Application Firewall for WordPress and other apps which is huge plus. Also when you use SSL you can enable SPDY which make your site well, super speedy. Some might say this is expensive but I think it’s quite a deal. When you buy a cert you have to maintain it and reinstall it when you renew it. With Cloudflare there is nothing to maintain, nothing to install.

After you get a Pro account just log into your Cloudflare dashboard and enable Flexible SSL.


You should be able to test your site now to see if https is working. Just type in
The only thing left to do now is redirect all non secure traffic (http) to your secure site (https) Again to do this I use Cloudflare page rules. This will do a 301 redirect on all non secure pages.

Configure WordPress HTTPS Plugin’s Settings

    Go into the plugin’s settings
    Select yes for the proxy setting